Sunday, May 23, 2010

latest oppie finds, this time with the bf!

This little stool is perfect for my teddy! A while back I was in an antique shop and came across one of these stools, at the time someone said to me that I should really get it and I thought too much about it, left the shop and have regretted it ever since. But....yesterday when the bf and I went to an oppie we found this!!! I looked at it and thought that maybe it would have three legs thinking it was too good to be true that I had discovered it, but even better it hs 4 perfect working legs!!!!!!! yippee what a bargain day! the bf even got in on the oppie addiction and found a wooden bowl made in tassie and a beer glass (as he loves collecting these). Of course I did see plenty more, but had to control myself because I didn't want the bf to think me too mad (too late for this of course!!) happy oppie shopping to those out there on the hunt, remember keep on looking, look at everything and you will uncover a bargain before you know it!!!! :-)))

Below is the gorgy purse I found, it's practically brand new and the inside is in mint condition too! it says made in hong kong...I grabbed it as soon as I found it, you know how you pick some things up and you think you may put them back after a think..well I knew this would be a definite purchase! I am using it right now for mobile, keys, make-up and SD camera card!!!!

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