Sunday, June 6, 2010

My new desk and study area

Here you can see the free poster/calendar that came with the latest Frankie Magazine! and if you look closely my little mo postcard and envelope, I just feel sooo much happier having my little mo things around me! this pay I am planning to splurge on some more little mo things! and izzys I heart tea badge that I have had my eye on etsy for a while! :-))
Here I thought I would share my new workstation!... prob looks a bit cluttered, that's me at times!
I always have something on the go, mostly study, but my fav things to have on the go are the craft of course!! So I tell myself that if I am good and get a whole pile of study done, then I can craft to my heart's content!


  1. great workstation! Love your inspiration wall. I have something for you that I forgot I had - Helena gave me an extra Little Mo calender this year from her facebook giveaway and I had already bought them for frinds, would you like it?? (as if I have to ask! he he) x

  2. Hey Allana,

    You know me to well!!!! of course I would love it!!!! thankyou sooo much, I can't wait to add it to my wall of goodies!!
    I have added one more little mo postcard to my wall this morning, the one you sent me!!
    See you thursday,
    I'll be armed with tea and a slice! :-))