Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog update long overdue! Little tea purse I made for my besty Moira

Here is the little tea purse I made for Moira, the tea patch is where I cut these off a vintage tablecloth I found at an oppie!! Moira and I are always chatting and having cups of tea when we catch up! so I came up with this creation!
The red bag is made from felt from Spotlight, I am pleased with the blanket stitching this time! and the little button I picked out especially from spotty, it reminded me of a gatsby lady.

Here is my best friend Moira at her unit in Nrth Hoabrt! it used to be our shopping base!! until Moira got a new unit! where we found a new load of fav shops to go to! :-))) I can't wait to see the look on her face when she gets her little tea purse!!


  1. The purse is so cool! We sure do love drinking tea! I can't wait to see you in Hobart soon Kate - op shopping! I think the Sex and the City movie is a must see aswell
    Happy craft !! :-D

  2. Thanks Moggy!! We sure will have fun!! Sex and the city is a definite must see!!!! :-))