Wednesday, April 6, 2011

blog after a busy week....

Tom and I headed down to Hobart last Thursday for his dad's Gallery Exhibition which went really well!
 It was great mingling with so many artisits who were very interested in my crochet, I was talking to one lovely older lady who was an art teacher before she retired and turned to her days painting her retirement, was so good to be able to talk about art. afterwards we went for a nice meal in North Hobart :)

While we were down in Hobart we checked out Salamanca which was lovely, so much atomosphere and craft around :)

                                               I was spoilt by Mr Tom who took me to the Wool Centre in Ross!!!! 's very interesting there with a display on the local wool and its history including the female prison of later years

                       Tom bought me some lovely Tasmanian hand spun wool, just look at the colour

                     I think I am going to make a vest with this green colour and wear a chunky retro belt with it.

                 Here is a beannie order that I have nearly finished making for another customer! It will be an earflap beannie when done. I got a few more orders down in Hobart, in particular a Dad and matching daughter earflap beannies! :)  

                   Below is my new Jacket from Hobart, and the little lace scarf I bought today at Red Cross

Red Cross Bargains :)
          I am now spending a couple of days a week volunteering at Red Cross! the perks of working there are the discounts on these gorgeous accessories below!! the purse bric is hand printed and hand embelished! how lucky a find!

              Below is a Sussan's bag also from Red Cross today was our 20% off bags sale!!! yay!!
          (I have a feeling my aunty chris will love this little bag!)
                    Another score today for a tiny $5.00 was these Target brand new shoes also from Red Cross!! ladies get into your local Red Cross for so many bargains!
                      And when I got home from my shift at Red Cross the lovely Tina from the blogging world had sent me these absolutely superb crochet coasters that I had won in her competition!!!!!!!!!!!
            Thankyou soo much Tina (I will add Tina's link in the next post as I'm in a hurry!)

Till Next Post xxxx


  1. You've had a great week Kate. Glad the exhibition went well.
    Your Beanie is stunning. Beautiful pattern and colours.

  2. I like the sound of the Red Cross shop Kate, must pop in for a look, that beanie is a gorgeous colour, :)

  3. Love the yarn and the sweet finds!

  4. I love the wools you bought and I love your jacket.

  5. Gee Kate.. what finds.. I must visit our local market more often I think.. I am glad you liked the coasters.. I was so pleased to be able to send them to you as I knew you particularly liked the coral coloured ones.. Have a great day..:))