Wednesday, September 1, 2010

latest project, a vintage family dresser

Here is my latest project: I was helping my aunty clean out her place as she is having cancer treatment at the moment and as we were cleaning out she mentioned that she was going to give this cupboard to a local oppie and I said I'll have it for my bf's unit!! I can't contain my joy at getting this unit off her, it means even more to me as it has been in my family for years and years!!! I am now going to also start collecting green glass as it will match the green doors!!!! yippee!!!!!! :))


  1. that is beautiful!!! I am sooo jealous! Hi, just found your blog through Lauren's 'Owlet'.

  2. Oh Kate - lucky you! That is gorgeous and even better a it is sentimental! :)

  3. Hi Guys,

    Welcome to my blog Bec, Lauren's 'owlet'is a great blog I had just discovered yesterday!

    I'll have to check out your blog!


  4. I love your blog. Keep up the good work.