Thursday, July 22, 2010

new projects!!

I have finally gotten around to deciding to give this to my besty as a present for her coming up to see me this weekend in Burnie!! I can't wait for her to get the little 'tea bag' that I made a little while back.
The little pressies, I made a card out of a little mo calendar that a lovely friend gave me, and I wrapped her up some little bath salts as a treat! we have a tradition that we always give each other something every time we see each other, usually a creative gift!
I hope you all enjoy your weekend as well, life is precious and to be lived :))


  1. What a thoughtful and lovely gift Kate, I bet she loved it! :)

  2. She sure did love it! I feel so much creativity
    again lately and think I'll head into spotty in next
    few days to get some material! :)