Saturday, July 10, 2010

A day in Launceston, scones, warm fire, aunty's home and gma memories

In the background here is my G'mas cupboard which is now taken good care of at my aunty's home. It has all lovely china treasures in it....

Here is the lovely warm fire at the Raspberry farm

My mum and I stopped at the Christmas Hill's Raspberry farm on the way up to Launceston!!


  1. Wow it looks like you ladies had a lovely day! Those scones look amazing yum!!!!
    Kate I love the umbrella jumper it is so adorable xo
    The cabinet is lovely too, glad it has a good home!!

  2. Hey Moggy,

    Thanks! was an awesome day,yeah the umbrella jumper is soo warm too! the cabinet is gorgeous isn't it, I'm so glad it has a home at my auntys, she has so much lovely china in it too! I just love the old antique furniture!! I am off to the shop down the road to score a bargain now!
    Talk soon darl, xx