Friday, June 11, 2010

Saturday oppie finds (went mad!)

These Magazines were 50c each!!!!

I just love this pocket on this little girls pair of overalls!!

All my goodies, I am rearing to get started stitching!!!!!
Hi all,
Well I think I did go a little crazy at the oppie this Saturday morning, oh well at least I can't say I wasn't motivated.

Did manage to score myself a gorgy warm retro winter skirt!!!!! I'll get it adjusted so it's a little shorter and wear it with winter boots!!! already have it on!!! it can wait a few days for alterations!!

Got some great little children's clothes to maybe adjust, I'm thinking of trying to alter and redesign some children's clothes!! also you can pick them apart for the badges and material!

Got the mirror that I have been eyeing off for MONTHS!!!! I decided to take the leap and buy it!!!

Bargains galore, what a great start to the weekend :-)

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  1. Oh nice finds! Love your idea of re making kids clothes! That's a clever one especially as they're usually hardly worn! Have a great week Kate ;-)