Sunday, June 6, 2010

my Monday oppie find!

I went and had a hunt around our local Salvation Army shop, and came across this 70's little retro stool! I quickly grabbed hold of it, I managed to score it and some material, woollen blanket and some little girls dolly things all for $4.00!!!!! my mum does child care so I thought that the dolly things would come in handy! they were a hit with the little girls in care!
Straight away I grabbed an old pillowslip and cut it up, throwing it on the stool to give it a softer look, I stitched around the underneath of the stool and pillowslip just to cover it for now, and tied a Martha Stewart ribbon around it to finish it off!

I am pretty pleased with it, I had to use up my creative energy this morning, (just couldn't get into the study quite is Monday anyway!)

My tea cake i whipped up Sunday, was scrummy, the bf loved it!!!

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