Sunday, June 27, 2010

latest blog update for Sunday :))

This has become me and my partner's fav dessert!! jelly and far we have tried both the port wine and lime flavours!!!

Here are my latest oppie finds, a gorgy little frame (with the bf at his 30th! ), and the two little green glass candle holders I had my eye on for a while, I knew they would match the green mirror I had (the mirror is also from an oppie).


  1. Jelly looks so yummy! Is it hard to make? It makes me want to try making some!

    Love the candle holders too! You have a good eye! xxx

  2. Moggy, the jelly is easy darl, you just pour the packet jelly crystals into the bowl, then pour in the amount of boiling water, then an amount of cold water, then I just put it straight into the fridge!!
    wallah, and even better you can put a little choccy frog in the jelly to set in there!!

    I can't wait to shop with you again!!