Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our new coffee table!

Today I found the most awesome vintage coffee table at a garage sale around the corner from where I live!! It is soo great to put all your magazines underneath of with the shelf it has!! and soo much room for all those cups of tea!!!!!
Of course my boyfriend freaked out when I rang and said "honey do you think we have room for a coffee table that I have found!!! he had to think for a bit but said sure bring it up.
I noticed he didn't take long to get it from the car to the lounge room!!!
Soon it was another one of our favourite pieces at his little unit, I have nearly funrished all of his place with bargain vintage bits and pieces!!
:-)) This made my Saturday tops!!


  1. what a great find kate! I'm glad your bf welcomed it or it may have had to come and live at my house ha ha!

  2. lol, yeah it sure is a cute little table!